Dead Drift – episode 2 – What’s the Status on That Replicator?

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Episode 2 – Banks and Morris continue their expedition to the Mars station as a catastrophic equipment failure threatens the JF Sebastian.

Dead Drift is a screwball buddy comedy in space, told by characters interacting via video communication consoles – summed up quite accurately by the show’s logline – “The uptight Captain of a decrepit ship must work with a bumbling mechanic to survive an alien encounter and save Earth from a terrifying ancient evil.”

These two less than stellar representatives of Earth’s USSC (United Solar Space Command, the future equivalent of NASA) set forth on an expedition to survey Saturn’s moon Titan, a mission they’ve been given mostly to keep them out of everyone else’s hair. Along the way they’ll come to rely on the ship’s holographic AI HANNAH to save their asses on more than one occasion. When they get to Titan, they make a monumental discovery that makes their mission one of the most important in human history.

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