Commander Schneider – Chris Nacey


Chris and Ken are long time collaborators, all the way back since the days of “Dammit This is Stupid,” a public access sketch comedy program they produced, which won 3 Awards of Excellence from the Alliance For Community Media. Not that they like to talk about that or anything. Winning in 2001, 2002, and 2003, the only 3 years they entered, isn’t really a big deal to these guys. Nor the multiple times they were asked on to the BJ Morning Experience radio show back in the day. That also isn’t counting the short-lived “Mutually Assured Productions,” and hosting the successful premiere of “The Van Job” at Olympia’s Capitol Theater. Mutually Assured Productions imploded shortly after making 5 or 6 awesome short films, I imagine it was probably because of some bad cous-cous. Anyway, when you can’t find Chris making a fool of himself for Ken on camera, he can usually be found playing some uber-nerdy board game with Ken and/or some other nerds.

Commander Schneider


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