Mrs. Fermi – Erin Nacey

Mrs. Fermi on Titan

Mrs. Fermi enjoying a beverage on Titan.

Who is the mysterious Mrs. Fermi that appears in the closing seconds of Dead Drift’s 8th episode? You’ll have to wait until episode 9 to learn more about her, but here’s something about Erin! Erin has been working with Ken since the Dammit This is Stupid days of yore in the late 1990’s. She has embraced the part of Mrs. Fermi and brought a unique charm to the role. Erin was a student of International Studies at the University of Washington, and Arabic language in Montpelier France. Erin has also lived in Tunisia, and brings a well-traveled view of the world to the alien character from thousands of light years away. Erin suffered through almost 3 hours of makeup and hair work before shooting Mrs. Fermi’s scenes.

Mrs. Fermi


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